Calvert Necker

    O: 443.676.1223

    Misguided thinking got Calvert where she is today. Believing that after decades in sales that it was a good idea to retire, Calvert left the commercial banking world in 2013. As a Vice President in Commercial Banking, Calvert was responsible for providing Commercial Real Estate and Equipment Loans to Businesses and mortgage loans to business owners. Less than a year after retirement, Calvert knew that reading, knitting, and playing with grandchildren were not going to satisfy her need for stimulating activity. She sought training as Transaction Coordinator from a Keller Williams Agent. By applying the principals of daily discipline, follow-through, teamwork, and superior client communication, Calvert has built her business as a transaction coordinator to support 4 Keller Williams Agents with room for more. She is excited about joining the HergGroup and adopting efficiencies that will allow her to handle more transactions. When she is not weaving, knitting or playing bridge she is taking care of 2 geriatric pets.

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    Calvert Necker
    Transaction Coordinator
    Office: 443.676.1223
    HergGroup Horizon
    1997 Annapolis Exchange Pkwy, #500
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Phone: 443.676.1223

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